A Beautiful skin for a lifetime

I am excited to announce I am now using Environ skin care in my treatment rooms, for those who are serious about having a beautiful skin for a lifetime

The world’s best anti-ageing skin care system, based on high potency Vitamin A and supported by Vitamins C & E, a suite of organic plant based anti-oxidants and skin-loving peptides.

Environ is classified as “results driven” which means pharmaceutical and medical science have been used in formulating the products. Environ utilizes the latest research in skin physiology and the role of vitamins and other powerful anti-oxidants in skin protection and health. The Environ concept was developed by Plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes who pioneered the use of intensive vitamin therapy for the skin.

Source Vitahealth.net.au

Mesoestetic: Just a teaser of what I will be using on my VIP clients!

Stem Cell Professional Treatment

img_stem_profes_webA simple and effective professional treatment for the face and neck that combines highly renewing and repairing products with an exclusive regenerative massage technique.

The treatment pack contains: 

Stem Cell serum restructuractive // 5 units
Highly concentrated serum with intensive regenerating effect. Prolongs the life of skin cells repairing deep wrinkles.

Stem Cell crystal fiber mask // 5 units
Crystal fiber is a material for medical use based on 3D nano-fibres, 100% natural, safe and hygienic. It includes two independent pieces that adapt perfectly to the face and neck physiognomy, performing an occlusive effect that improves the permeability and efficacy on carrying active substances. Intensive regenerating effect.

Stem Cell active growth factor // 50 ml
For home maintenance of the results obtained in the beauty salon.