My Guinness World Record

bikini1I remember the first time the thought of breaking a Guinness World Recordcrossed my mind. I was driving and listening to the radio and I heard the news that an English woman, Deanne Ware, had set a Guinness World Record in bikini waxing.

The story caught my attention for a few reasons, it was quirky, industry related, and held strong marketing potential; after all, if a story from the U.K. featured on radio in Australia, how much more coverage would a local challenge receive?

I contacted Guinness World Records and to my amazement I was approved to challenge the international record of 77 waxes in 4 hours on Saturday, 12 July 2003. I successfully set a new record, waxing 130 bikinis. However, we ran out of volunteers that day and it was frustrating to know I hadn’t achieved a personal best.

What made it a success? Well, timing is everything with media, I timed my challenge very well, issued a press release and received overwhelming media interest.

The day before the record attempt, I appeared in  local papers, was interviewed by the three main TV stations in Perth, all the major radio stations and a top rating current affairs program exclusively filmed the record attempt and aired it on the Monday. After the record it was covered internationally!

A new record of 140 was set in England a few months later, but, I readily accepted the opportunity to re-challenge the record at Every Woman’s Expo 2004.

I had set a personal goal of 300 and I waxed 273-280 on the day: Guinness accepted 262. I almost doubled the record of 140 and still hold the record today. Again, it was frustrating to come so close to my personal goal; I had the time but not quite enough people could be convinced to put their bikinis on the line for me!

Honestly it’s not a pleasant thing to volunteer for, and I’m eternally grateful to the 280 brave men and women who made this record possible!

Tips on hair removal coming soon!