A Beautiful skin for a lifetime

I am excited to announce I am now using Environ skin care in my treatment rooms, for those who are serious about having a beautiful skin for a lifetime

The world’s best anti-ageing skin care system, based on high potency Vitamin A and supported by Vitamins C & E, a suite of organic plant based anti-oxidants and skin-loving peptides.

Environ is classified as “results driven” which means pharmaceutical and medical science have been used in formulating the products. Environ utilizes the latest research in skin physiology and the role of vitamins and other powerful anti-oxidants in skin protection and health. The Environ concept was developed by Plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes who pioneered the use of intensive vitamin therapy for the skin.

Source Vitahealth.net.au


Mesoestetic: Just a teaser of what I will be using on my VIP clients!

Stem Cell Professional Treatment

img_stem_profes_webA simple and effective professional treatment for the face and neck that combines highly renewing and repairing products with an exclusive regenerative massage technique.

The treatment pack contains: 

Stem Cell serum restructuractive // 5 units
Highly concentrated serum with intensive regenerating effect. Prolongs the life of skin cells repairing deep wrinkles.

Stem Cell crystal fiber mask // 5 units
Crystal fiber is a material for medical use based on 3D nano-fibres, 100% natural, safe and hygienic. It includes two independent pieces that adapt perfectly to the face and neck physiognomy, performing an occlusive effect that improves the permeability and efficacy on carrying active substances. Intensive regenerating effect.

Stem Cell active growth factor // 50 ml
For home maintenance of the results obtained in the beauty salon.


My Guinness World Record

bikini1I remember the first time the thought of breaking a Guinness World Recordcrossed my mind. I was driving and listening to the radio and I heard the news that an English woman, Deanne Ware, had set a Guinness World Record in bikini waxing.

The story caught my attention for a few reasons, it was quirky, industry related, and held strong marketing potential; after all, if a story from the U.K. featured on radio in Australia, how much more coverage would a local challenge receive?

I contacted Guinness World Records and to my amazement I was approved to challenge the international record of 77 waxes in 4 hours on Saturday, 12 July 2003. I successfully set a new record, waxing 130 bikinis. However, we ran out of volunteers that day and it was frustrating to know I hadn’t achieved a personal best.

What made it a success? Well, timing is everything with media, I timed my challenge very well, issued a press release and received overwhelming media interest.

The day before the record attempt, I appeared in  local papers, was interviewed by the three main TV stations in Perth, all the major radio stations and a top rating current affairs program exclusively filmed the record attempt and aired it on the Monday. After the record it was covered internationally!

A new record of 140 was set in England a few months later, but, I readily accepted the opportunity to re-challenge the record at Every Woman’s Expo 2004.

I had set a personal goal of 300 and I waxed 273-280 on the day: Guinness accepted 262. I almost doubled the record of 140 and still hold the record today. Again, it was frustrating to come so close to my personal goal; I had the time but not quite enough people could be convinced to put their bikinis on the line for me!

Honestly it’s not a pleasant thing to volunteer for, and I’m eternally grateful to the 280 brave men and women who made this record possible!

Tips on hair removal coming soon!


Laughter Lines, When Were They Ever Funny?

cucumber-eye-treatment1Pack your bags…it’s time to tell that troublesome under-eye area goodbye.

Even skins in great condition have delicate areas around the eyes that need extra care. Fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, crepiness and dehydration tend to cause the most concern.

In-salon promotions that focus on this delicate eye area tend to be hugely successful.

I like to begin by creating some eye gift packs and personalizing them to suit my product brands. Your product representatives should be happy to assist with this as they are always eager to ensure the correct branding of their product. They might also be able to help with team training and provide samples.

Once you have your packs ready, it’s time to launch your promotion: an offer of free mini eye treatments based on your products. These treatments could include cleansing, exfoliating, a masque and moisture protection; I tend to stop there, however, if you stock a cosmetic brand you might want to include eye shadow and mascara.

For dark circles and puffiness, put together a retail pack with a camomile tea bag and a cute note saying, “This is the only bag your eyes will see from now on.” They can enjoy the tea while relaxing with the eye-masque on.

Have a bowl of sliced cucumbers as part of the display, and keep them looking nice and fresh. Offer your guests a glass of iced water with a slice of cucumber before the treatment begins.

During the treatment, have staff focus discussions on the symptoms and benefits of caring for the delicate eye area. Remember, what each therapist may see may not be what concerns the client. You need to listen to each client’s concerns and respond accordingly, incorporating what the specialist has also noticed. While your team are performing the eye treatment, they could offer to carry out a full skin diagnosis, so they can address all the client’s skin concerns and recommend a treatment plan accordingly.

When it comes to bringing new customers in, why not talk to your local opticians and ask if they could include an eye care leaflet offering some tips for caring for the delicate eye area, including a menu describing your salon’s treatments and their benefits, along with the special promotional price? Invite their staff for a complimentary taster, so they can spread the word to their clients. You could also suggest DL flyers at their counter, a note about your salon’s promotion with their old fashioned or email mail-outs, and a link to your salon on their website. Remember to add a date for when your special offer is valid until, to inspire immediate action.

In the lead-up, ensure your team is trained in all promotional products and treatments, including your receptionist, so that they can all confidently promote your services to salon guests. A confident team always equals happy guests.

Get your team excited! Offer movie tickets or a dinner out to the most successful team member over a two week period. Assess this on number of treatments performed, sales and return bookings for the same treatment, and a bonus point if they book the guest in for a new treatment altogether.

Chart everyone’s progress and praise daily, offering guidance to those falling behind. And remember, with all salon promotions, keep it guest focussed and fun!


Welcome to Waitaha by elle herron.

elle-picSpa, Spirit, Lifestyle, Harmony.

Kia Ora and Welcome to Waitaha.

I’m Elle Herron and I am an International Luxury Spa and Salon Consultant. I also happen to hold the Guinness World Record for Speed Waxing.

However, I’m best known for my inspired marketing and thought leadership throughout the Spa and Salon fields.

I have appeared extensively across the media, notably, on Barbara Walters Show ‘The View,’ BBC London, ZIP FM Japan, and The Edge FM New Zealand, Channel 10 news, Channel Seven’s Today Tonight, the Footy Show, and Stan Zemanek’s radio show–host of Beauty and the Beast.

I am interested in developing brand strength and a unique identity in what is quite a generic field. My expertise spans construction, design and the efficient use of floor space, to training and recruitment; and the implementation of high-ROI-geared workplace policies, procedures, KPI’s, training sessions and specialised recruitment questionaires. For existing businesses I perform staff assessments and offer improvement strategies, training and motivation, and incentive packages. I also define service menus and pricing that is appropriate to your demographics.

I’d love to help your current or future spa endeavour, and, as an active globetrotter, I welcome all consulting inquiries from near and far. I look forward to hearing from you!